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As paleo and primal become more complex, authoritarian, licensed, profit driven, subverted and infected with fear based marketing efforts, Primal North seeks to simplify, unify, and advocate a proper level of scientific skepticism to the world of paleo, primal and low carb nutrition. Meat is food, plants are medicine, food is fuel, and movement is pleasure. Lets stop making a mess of it!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Life without plants - Lessons from the Inuit and Modern Zero-Carbers

I was a very short time member of a well known zero carb group, lasting really only a week.  I had personal disagreements with the leader which caused me to leave.

Soon after that, annoyed but wanting to try zero carb or close to it, I returned to it and did my "Summer of No Excuses" during which time I ate fewer than 10 grams carb a day and 95% of my calories from animals, using plants only as herbs and seasoning, not the main course.

During this time I also ran my first half marathon distance, 13.1 miles, off road and liking to think at much the same pace as an Indian scout ;) I wish! LOL

So I admit that upfront I did not leave their circle on good terms, and feel free to accuse me of bias against online zero carb communities,  but I am not writing this to say their way of eating does not work because for many it does, just that some of the claims about the Inuit diet seem now to be inaccurate.

I do think it fair to say a lot of zero carbers remain my friends and see overall I am supportive of their way of eating as a viable, I just do not agree with the "historical base" portion.  The ideal is a simple one, by eating very very few but nutritionally complete foods we reduce our need for "other nutrients".  I would whole heartedly agree with that, and think a fabulous example is vitamin C.  Vitamin C, in part, is used to metabolise dietary glucose, so by not eating starch you simply need less Vitamin C thus even rare meat becomes an adequate source.

During my short time within the zero carb community I noticed a few things.

Please note:  Zero carbers try to stay under 5g total carbs a day on an all meat diet, even meat has some carbs so a true zero carb diet is not plausible.

  • We were told that beef (lean and fat) and water, were all the body required
  • That grass fed beef was a waste of money
  • That organ meats should be avoided and are "to carby" and their added vitamins are not necessary
  • That bone broth was not necessary
  • That inuits hunters (the healthiest) ate only the lean and fat, gave away the organ meat to the children and elderly or the dogs
  • There is no need to add salt or magnesium, if you get cramps or other symptoms you need more water, recommendation I got was to start at a gallon a day and this would resolve any cramps (I was definately getting keto cramps at one time, since resolved)
  • That the beef, beef fat and water approach is the ideal approach and most health issues with your diet can be resolved by restricting back to these and only these
The main focus is "lean and fat" is all that is required.  The ratio determined by your "Fat hunger".  In other words always be well hydrated, eat the fat until you no longer want more fat, then eat the lean until sated.  Simple advice that would go a long way to ensure you end up with a predominantly high fat diet.

Snipped from the website, its interesting that the  blog of the leader of the movement, the guy who keeps telling us that grass fed is a waste of money, is affiliated to and a customer of US Wellness.  Meanwhile advising newcomers as I was that it is a waste of money.

What I did learn interacting with the Zero Carb community

Hey its not all bad!  They gave me a lot of great stuff that has proven true to me over time.
  • Carbs really are optional at best
  • Keto adaptation period should indeed not be combined with working out, its best to just rest and at most gentle walks until you are fully keto adapted
  • Drinking lots of good water to stay hydrated is very important when very low carb
  • Worry far more about adequate fat then adequate protein, keto is protein sparring and you just simply need less if fully keto
  • How full of shit Danny Roddy and Paul Jaminet are when they talk about scurvee
  • Keto is so much better when done with real animal fats and minimal plant fats and proteins
  • Fiber sucks, and you will never be more "regular" then when you remove all sources of fiber from your diet and adapt

As for the Inuit? I have learned many of these claims are not true.

In fact this is when I started "Primal North" and my own twist on things "Eating your odd bits" aka organ meats and bone marrows.  As to me this more accurately reflected the diet of hunter tribes such as the Inuit and the Plains Indians.

Inuit and Fish and Bone Broths

Inuit would slice off the lean, and the toss the skin, of fish caught that day.  They would cook fish that were over a day old.  They would also eat fish that had been poorly stored and partly rotten, without fear.

They would feed the scraps of fresh eaten raw fish to the dogs, but the scraps did not go exclusively to the dogs.

Traditional Inuit Fish (Bone and organ) Broth

Inuit did indeed drink bone broth for one, actually every single day.  Their fish broth was consumed almost daily and was created by slowly simmering fish heads, guts, spines, etc... (including all the organ meats).  Yes, they also fed these scraps to the dogs but not exclusively as noted above.

Inuit and Liver / Organ Meats

When a seal is killed and dressed out for the feast, it is split open and laid out raw.

Hunters will eat first, and will use a tea cup to drink the warm blood (to warm themselves) and cut a peice of liver.  Liver being considered a choice cut (not something tossed to the dogs as I was once lead to believe).

Quite often the blood and fat would be mashed up with some brain between the fingers and enjoyed.

The hunters would then also eat lean and blubber to sate their appetite.

The women would then go for any remaining liver, the intestines and whichever amount of lean and blubber those wished.

Polar Bear Liver = Fatal

Polar bear liver is never eaten as it contains very high concentrations of Vitamin A and is fatal to humans AND dogs.  Polar bear meat, as an eater of carrion, is always cooked first and not consumed raw to avoid trichinosis.


Blood is not just a rich source of nutrition, it is incredibly reverred by the Inuit.  Inuit have a spiritual belief that seal blood is connected to human blood and a health beleif that drinking seal blood fortifies human blood and restores our health.  Seal blood is enjoyed fresh from the kill.

Reverence for their Food

Unlike the zero carb community online who seems not at all bothered by the wastefulness of not eating any organ meat or bone marrow, or the horrid conditions at CAFO's, (and I am not trying to paint members with a broad brush but lets face it we support this with our pocket books if not our morales) the Inuit are quite reverant and respectful of their kill.

The Inuit believe there is an agreement between man and seal that a hunter will only kill what is necessary for feeding his family.

Seals are thought to be constantly thirsty, as they live in salt water.  An Inuit hunter will offer a dying seal he has taken, a drink of fresh water, so it need not die with thirst.

No attempt is made at "Seal husbandry". 

Further Reading / Viewing

The plains Indians, some tribes, lived exclusively on buffalo.  Here we find out about how it was dressed and consumed.

Anthony Bourdain eats raw seal with the Inuit

"I can't wait to eat the brain" ~ Says Grandma

Pass some time in your own igloo learning Inuit String Art

Check out Inuit ice fishing legend Sara Annanak catching Arctic Char

Sources etc...

John Tyman's Inuit Food

Discover Magazine:  The Inuit Paradox

Vilhjalmur Stefansson:  My Life with the Eskimo

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

5 Simple Workouts That You Will Never Outgrow

No matter how big and bad you become, these workouts will just get harder and badder too.

All these workouts will scale with your fitness

The fitter you are the harder some workouts get

#5 - The 2000m Ergo Row

The 2000m row for time

Go ahead, get on an ergo like the one above and cover 2000m as fast as you possibly can at decent resistance!  The fitter you are, the faster your row, the more painful it becomes!

#4 The Hill Sprint

Sprinting as fast as you can up some crazy hill, ski hills in summer are fun!

Add some burpees at the top while you are completely out of breath!  Suck it up!
Rest only as long as it takes to get to the bottom!

#3 The "Car" Sprint

That's right, get someone to sit in the driver's seat, put it in nuetral, and then sprint 200m pushing your car.

Have them step on the breaks every 25 meters, forcing you to start over gaining momentum.

This workout kills everyone fast.

#2 - The Heavy Bag

Keeping mine close to my sledge and tire (I also have a 400 pound tire for flipping)
200 sledge hammer swings on the tire for time is a great finisher!
The heavy bag is one of the most intense, stress busting workouts there is.

Work your way up to 5 minute rounds.  5 minutes is an eternity even for the most in shape when giving all they have on the heavy bag.  The heavy bag is one of those workouts where the tougher you are, the tougher it gets!

#1 - The Burpee Pyramid

Do this sequence of burpees, as fast as you can for time, with as little rest between each set as possible, goal is to get to 100 burpees continuous without rest one day

1 burpee
2 burpees
(you get the idea)
All the way back to 1


Do one of these each day for a week

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Training Log April 8 to 15

Starting this week of quite sore with two issues.  Both of which started up after my 2x10km runs as my first outdoor runs of the year.  They have simply continued to be painful all last week through the first Ross training block.  I decided this week I would have to modify the movements so as not to stress those two areas in order to recover, yet find a way to stay fairly intense.  The issues are sciatica along right side centered at waiste, and left calve in a lot of pain if I suppenate my foot.


Morning - fasted

No warm-up
Modified WC101 (Ross Training Program) due to injury noted above and my actual abilities at this time

Workout is 10 rounds each consisting of 1:15s of work, and 45s of rest.  The 45s rest is the insiduous killer here as all previous work to this has had 1 minute rest breaks or longer.  So exhaustion accumulates as you advance through the rounds.

1:15s as follows
5 (assisted) chin-ups
10 sledgehammer swings
6 100lb sandbag shouldering
BW deep squats until timer sounds

45s rest

Repeat x 10

Finisher - 100lb sandbag bear hug carry for distance

Finished with one banana, some whey and milk, and home made 10 % yogurt (2 dollops) in a blender.


P90X Stretch, 1 hour of decent stretches I really need to do more of...
Judging by all the poping and cracking sounds I am in really bad state of mobility so will be working out some kinks

Foam roll lower body for Myofascial release, found a few trigger points in outside quads which were massive and painful to eliminate.

Sciatic nerve flossing for sciatic pain 10 each side


Morning - Fasted

25 minutes of good solid yoga (instead of Core Strength by Ross, for rehab reasons)


6 x 1/4 mile sprints, 90 seconds rest between
5 x max incline treadmill sprints of 20 seconds each, 60 seconds rest between each


Morning  - Fasted

Well, very sore burning calve muscle so just a 2 mile walk at 3.2 mph, relaxing


Strength Day II

2 Dumbbell split snatch 45 lbs, 4 reps, 5 sets, 45 seconds rest, explosive as possible

2 Dumbbell push presses, 5x5 with 55 lbs


One arm bench 5 reps, 4 sets, 60lbs  /  8 plyo pushups, 90 seconds rest


Wall Squat 45seconds / 5 deep squat jumps


15 DB Swings, 3 sets each arm, 45 seconds rest between


Low intensity 4 mile stationary bike ride at 125 BPM


Calf feels positively injured now after only a one mile walk, decided to take the remainder of day as a rest day, possibly tomorrow too.  May switch to weight lifting for a few days and just let it heal instead of constantly beating it up.  It improves each day then I beat it up again, may have to just give it a few days.


Realising my calf is really really screwed right now gave it one more rest day, no movement or stretching, PERIOD.


Calf still screwed but feeling it recovering and not wanting to jeopardize it, went to the gym with my gal and together we did her first real free weights session.  We tried this for her before but her body was just not ready, now after a month on the machines, she ate it up!  

Always love to workout with my gal when we can, she keeps me motivated by her very presence
and we have a good time.

Bench Press - 185lbs x 12, 2 sets
One Arm DB Bench Press Superset with bench flies, 60lbs x 10 / 20lbs x 10, 3 sets
Overhead BB Press 90lbs 3 sets 12/10/9
Assisted Chin-Ups 2 sets
Peck Deck 150lbs x 16, 160lbs x 8
Tricep Pull Down 80lbs x 25 reps, 90 lbs x 15 reps then ran the stack down dropping 5 lbs each time I burned out until 30 lbls

Tried a few different machines to see what was burning up my calf and could not do bike, jog on treadmill, uphill walk on treadmill ... then I remembered the Concept II Rower

1KM Row Warmup
6 HIIT sets as follows
30 seconds row sprint, 60 seconds easy row recovery
Fack this machine is a solid workout and I cannot wait to go back and use it again, between this and the arm bike I should be able to keep my cardio up while calf recovers

I should have no trouble keeping my cardio up and doing my "sprints" using this while my calf muscle recovers.

Back to gym working on my posterior chain, 60 seconds rest between all sets

BW rows 3 sets 8/7/5

Wide grip lat pulls

140x8, 150x5, 150x5

1 Hand Lat Pull (Side)

60 x 8, x6, x7

Horizontal Row

150 x11, 170 x 6, 170x5

Dumbbell Row

60x12 (fast)
70 x10
70 x10

Reverse Preacher Curl

40 x 7, 4 sets

Reverse Fly Deck

90 x 10, 105 x 5, 90 x 6

Rolling shrugs, each shrug is roll shoulder forward then back

65 x10, x 8, x 10, x 10 (4 sets)



Calf feeling OK, took Kyla to the gym as I am sore all over I pretty much just acted as her personal trainer and gave her a great workout =)

On my own did

50 burpees in sets of 10
2 KM rowing

At the end of this my ankle was really screwed, I really need to stop testing it and let it heal.

Edit - Sunday Evening

Beautiful weather fnally, decided to hang my heavy bag outside

5 x 2 minute rounds
200 10lb sledge hammer swings on tire

Quite exhausting!

Diet this week

Ate pretty good, 80/20 rule.  Been drinking to many calories adding stuff to my whey shakes.  No longer going to do that.

Monday, April 8, 2013

How I lost 9.1 pounds this week - Workout Log April 1 to 7, 2013


Returning to what worked best for me in the past but combined with my low carb and primal food knowledge of today.

A combination of fighter based conditioning work and some added cardio, along with my own nutritional approach.

Weight Record

Start/end weight:  268.2/259.1

Nutritional Approach

I had been eating fairly low carb/not keto leading up to this so really do not feel like a lot of this is water loss but I am sure to be told it is so.  I have experienced water loss enough to know.  I do realise it is likely some beginner gain of some sort due to having laid off the fighter conditioning for some time and now resuming.

As I am currently not keto due to simplification of my life and eating in a way more compatible with family in the house (a personal choice so if you want to critique I am not interested) it is important to eat just enough carbs to fuel the high intensity exercise and nothing more.

As I have experienced occasional issues in my past if I fully glyco deplete I will employ the odd cheat meal.

Each day I would eat as follows

Please note:  When I state "no carb" I am not concerned with protein content or incidental carbs or not, just not eating any foods considered to be a carb source. So 10% cream has some carbs I do not consider it a carb source.

All workouts marked morning are fasted
  • Breakfast was lots of water, a few coffees with cream (like a good litre of water)
  • Lunch was no carb real food usually fatty meat and salad with home made ACV/Olive oil vinagrette
  • Dinner was about 50g of carb, whatever paleo acceptable carb I wished
  • Before bed a whey shake of good quality whey, milk, creatine, home made yogurt, glutamine ( I sleep better eating something first)

Post Workout Nutritions

In order to restore what was used during workouts I would eat...

After liver glyco depleting workouts that focus on overall conditioning such as the magic 50
  • 2 fruits (bananas)*
  • whey shake with milk and a few blobs of home made yogurt
*I find fruit to be a much better way to refill liver glyco and have me ready for the next workout.

After strength or cardio workouts I just ate my next meal

I had a small cheat meal Friday with the family, smallish bowl of spaghetti and meat balls (Yes I broke the ten commandments of paleo) and popcorn Saturday night at evil dead. 

So far this is working well to keep me "low carb/not keto" yet out of low carb limbo.  In fact the weekly cheat meal pretty much assures I will never hit low carb limbo.


Sore from 2 x 10KM jogs the previous two days did only stretches.


Began www.rosstraining.com sample 50 day Infinite Intensity (Hereafter will be called II50)

1 mile run warmup, easy pace

5 sets with 60 seconds rest each set

30 lb dumbbell

5 DB swings each arm
5 DB cleans floor to ceiling each arm
10 x burpees (yes with pushup)

Finisher was 100lb sandbag carry, bear hug, til arms exhausted, x3

Went for a 5k run but cut short to only 2k, very bad sciatica flare up
Instead went to gym and 5 miles on stationary bike easy pace
Lots of posterior chain and hip flexor stretches



Sciatica much improved, on treadmill...

1 mile run warm up
4 sprints full out as fast as I could of half a mile each, 90 seconds rest between each
4 sprints, 20 seconds long, full incline on treadmill, fast run pace, 60 seconds rest between each

Evening at Gym

Tanning booth 10 minutes
5 easy paced miles on bycycle
Treadmill hill sprints as the morning but 3 sets as follows
10 seconds sprint, 10 seconds rest, repeat x 3 til ready to puke
Rest 60 seconds
Repeat 3 times
Sauna 10 minutes
Cold but not icy cold shower, 5 minutes
Feeling wonderful now!!



Strength Day 1

4 x clean and press each arm with 55lb DB, 5 sets

5 x snatch from floor, each arm, 55lb DB, 5 sets

Superset x5
5x Front Squat with 100lb Sand Bag, explosive on upwards, slow on down
10 second isometric glute/ham press leg on table, each leg

Superset x5
10x Front Row with 100lb sandbag, explosive
10x perfect form, fully body tense, explosive pushups

100 10lb sledge hammer swings on old tire



1 Mile run Warm-Up

5 Rounds without rest as follows

30 seconds Burpees
30 seconds Jumping Jacks (fast as possible)
30 seconds Bodyweight Squats
30 secons shadow boxing

Finisher:  Sandbag overhead carry 100lbs


1 Mile jog
5 Mile easy bike (oxidization pace)
Arm bike sprint rounds (seatless arm bike, highest possible resistance)
20 seconds high, 40 seconds rest, 6 rounds
(Arm bike sprints, done right, are absolutely brutal, the whole core is engaged)

Full day of activity and renovating house


No workout, active recovery day, lots of home reno work

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Background stress: Is it the "Blue Pill" causing all this?

I am very lucky in my job, in that my job is constantly changing, constantly issuing me new challenges, people, entities and even new businesses which I must learn to work with, assist with and sometimes even improve.  Within some groups I wield authority and then in others I am a nobody who must watch his words.

In short, I have job satisfaction.  Truckloads of it.

But most are not as fortunate as I.

A lot of people have a job they love, at least they did when they first started.  They go 6 months, a year, two years, and its the same job, same coworkers, same duties.  They grow disatisfied.  They push for some sort of organizational change that may or may not be needed.  They start shopping for a new home or job.

When you ask them what they do not like about their situation, they have no answer.  They have gotten all they had hoped for.

The old saying "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it" comes to mind.

One thing about our hunter/gatherer heritage was mobility and transition and belonging.  Essentially the job of every person in the tribe or clan would change with the seasons.  You may for example have spent spring and fall travelling to winter or summer hunting camps.  Hunting in winter is very different than doing so in the summer.  Gathering all but shuts down in the winter and is replaced with attention to things such as creation of warm clothing, spirituality, etc...

When we lock ourselves into a relatively unchanging career, the same job in the same climate controlled office, day after day, year after year, are we at odds with our lineage? Or programming?

We know that individuals who are displaced from their culture and having to start over in another are at much higher risk of heart disease due to this type of "background stress".  They may be very happy people but that "Matrix feeling" of the world not quite being right, does it exert forces on your body we are only beginning to understand?

Yes, we introduced agriculture and our dental health and stature declined.  But along with the wheat, what else did we introduce when we no longer had to spend most of our time hunting and gathering?  Role specialization.  How bout slavery being the most powerful example? Captured hunters from other clans forced to work your fields.  Would it matter if they were farming grain or cows? I bet their stature would decline over generations as would their dental health, solely due to the stress of the situation.

Perhaps our decline in health of recent years cannot be solely blamed on food or even diet.  Perhaps there is another contributory cause?

There is a deeper question here, one that I think goes beyond the HP Axis, and together with some real science I am going to devote some articles to it this year (not many mind you).

The most beautiful thing about this is that the data is already there and the research is done.  Yet nobody knows or cares.

I am not going to claim I have come across some answer to the obesity, diabetes, heart disease, ADHD or other epidemics we face today, but I do strongly feel I have found a large contributory cause.

I will be sharing it all soon, there is so much data to go through.  And along with this I am starting to see a major pattern, that the very act of living in our modern society and playing by its rules introduces what I am calling "background stress" in varying amounts.

We have indeed created our own phoney world, our own "Matrix".  We have insulated ourselves from our sources of life.  Not just behind Facebook which we freely invest our indentities only to have them marketed back to us along with ads, but in other ways.  Walled in feedlots and meat processing plants, soy, corn and grain monoculture that sounds so healthy in literature but is really ripping up and destroying the soils.  We see amber waves of grains in all the ads yet we know, deep down, there should be a field of natural grasses and animals there.

Unlike the Matrix, our illusion is cement of our own construction.  We did not have it imposed on us by some other race of beings, we built it ourselves and willfully or perhaps through trickery or even force (such as with slavery) we entered.  And as civilization evolved has it not always seemed to be at the expense of individual healthy?  Lifespans may increase but when do we toss out lifespans as a guage of societal success and go towards a more humanistic benchmark of life satisfaction?

"Background stress" is something I am going to discuss as a real barrier to health.  Stress you may not know you have, but you can feel it "like a splinter in your mind".  Could this be why the paleo and primal pull is so strong in some of us?  We make a great big point that we are not out to re-enact but when you close your eyes while swinging your kettlebell tell me you do not occasionally imagine swinging your club or sword?  When you are running through the forest, tell me you do not sometimes imagine you are the solitary Brave on the Warpath?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

And we blame guns...

I remember when I was like 14, they wanted to ban Dungeons and Dragons in all schools because some kid got really high on angel dust and took a sword to his family.  They blamed D&D rather than the obvious social causes, because, well, being at the time a fundamentally Christian society we all decided D&D was evil, so to heck with the obvious real cause (drugs, poverty, mental disorders), just ban D&D.

Later the logic was extended to video gaming, the end result a rating system.  Which of course totally solved the problem of violence in our society.

Both of the above occured at a time when women stepped out en masse to careers beyond stay at home mom.  However, this was never even raised as a possible cofounding variable for the sudden rise in unsupervised children behaving badly.

Not saying moms shouldnt work, but you have to admit there was a societal adjustment period felt, most of all, by the kids. OK lets not be blind to the fact that change is painful.  As one of the kids that transitioned from "mom at home" to "nobody at home" I think I am free to say so.

Now we get all our angel dust for our unsupervised kids from a doctor, via prescription, we have more kids on drugs then EVER and its all clean and legal and for their own good.  They used to be called UPPERS, now they are called ADD meds.  They used to be called DOWNERS and now they are called mood stabilizers.  Hey, whatever helps us all feel good about the situation.  And nobody ever wants to look at social causes because that would have us looking at the home first, and as a society we must never ever question mom and dad, as we all know the blame lies with video game and dungeons and dragons, and TV, and advertising, etc...

And the kids, on their various uppers and downers, playing their now safe because they have a rating on the box violent video games, while combining it with peer pressure augmented to the factor of 1000 to do stupid shit, and technology that allows bullies to haunt self conscious kids 24/7 instead of just at recess, are quite often walking that razors edge of being numb to it all and going postal.  Depressing, often parent-free lives of legal drug use, highly absorbing games, fictional social interaction instead of actual play and the lessons in brings thanks to Facebook and Skype and the all dem udder tings dose kids likes today.

So here we are, a societal hot bed with a stressed out ready to snap population of kids and this BEFORE they even enter the work force or the pressures of University.  And while bringing that up let me ask do you think school actually prepares kids today for either?

And oh sure, the vast majority of kids turn out just fine, but you cannot possibly and rationally step back, examine the situation and tell me we have not created societal recipe for a sprinkling of total lunatics.

So, like our approach to video games, we are going to highly regulate guns.  I am sure that this will work perfectly and actually addresses the root cause of violence.  That we are addressing the real core of the issue just like we have done all those other times mentioned above when it came to D&D, video games and medicating our kids.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Movement Succumbs to Market

Pretty much all of our paleo gurus have stopped worrying so much about helping us and worry more about marketing to us.

First of all let me be blunt.  Do not waste my time commenting if you do not have a full and thorough comprehension of what provocation marketing is all about.  For an excellent primer check this link.

When you truly understand provocation based marketing, which is nothing short of a scientific method to win trust through the use of seemingly benevolent advice that actually builds fear and doubt, then closing the loop by providing solutions which result in audience trust building and loyalty building.  The ideal ratio is approximate 3:1 to 5:1.  In other words, 1 in 3 articles to 1 in 5 articles a paleo blogger writes should result in asking for a sale with the remaining providing totally free (albeit biased towards your market) advice.

We as a society must become more skeptical and more aware of tactics used to circumvent skepticality in favor of product sales.

Our entire society is profit driven.  The message is that your next raise or even your job security depends on company profits (true even in Governement where you can replace "profit" with "abesnce of budget deficit").

We are conditioned not only to accept the need for profit as a benevolent, society building thing but that also the quest for profit rarely affects the altruistic traits of those with something to sell.

In the paleo and even low carb world we are, like all other markets, surrounded by figures whom we recognize as "friends and advisors" first, while only peripherally aknowledging that the primary reason these people became our friends and advisors was because we had a credit card with available limits.

As long time Primal North readers know, I pretty much universally despise gurus.  I am currently seeing even my most respected gurus pushing, recommending, and reviewing products and approaches that in other circles they would never endorse or try themselves.

In short, pretty much every active blogger with a profit based product line has pretty much been selling out.  And sorry but that is exactly how I see it.

The primary reason I no longer blog for hours a day is because overcoming the effectiveness of this provocation based marketing system, combined with the paleo circle jerk of insincere, deliberate and planned confirmation bias as futile and pointless and quite frankly nearly rewardless in comparison to time spent with my family.  This marketing method is so well executed that even my lamenting it will often feed the beast.

I am not saying these people are nefarious.  They are working within a system and the system demands profit, idolizes profit and considers profit an altruistic and economy building effort.  Since most sales in the blogging world are dropped soundly on credit cards and thus derived from debt its hard to see how this builds an economy but the illusion is that it does thus I cannot call that effort an evil intentioned one.

We as consumers have a duty to recognize the techniques used to bypass healthy and desireable skepticism that are used in order to gain our trust.  The obvious goal:  become a mentor (guru) in our lives, and thus develop loyalty, in return and indirectly shortening the sales cycle for our mentor (AKA future products require much less convincing before we part with our money).

Paleo, low carb, veganism, it just doesn't matter, we are all locked in a mutual circle jerk of confirmation bias.  Time to bust out.

What I See? The death of a movement, replaced by the market

As Richard "The Animal" calls it, "Paleo Masturbation", one example provided below.

Safe starcher Paleo "Looky here! Man eats nothing but potatoes, gets loses weight, feels great.  See, potatoes are awesome! We told you so!"

  • Safe starch paleo = Wow that is awesome! Share share share! Like like like!  Paleo for life! Paleo power!
  • Vegans = simple plant based diet wins again!
  • Low Carbers = not sustainable!  Long term effects not known!  Could be dangerous! Vitamin B12 deficiency, yadda yadda

Low carb paleo "Looky here! Man eats zero carb all grass fed meat diet and hits goal weight in perfect health.  See? You do not need potatoes! We told you so!"

  • Low carbers = Wow that is awesome!  Share share share! Like like like!  "Low carb for life! Keto power!"
  • Vegans = That man is a silent heart attack waiting to happen!
  • Safe stacher paleo = Some people do OK without starch but its just "not optimal" plus you run the risk for scurvy, hair loss, cold hands and feet, nuclear winter and planetary disalignment!
Vegans  "Looky here! I run long endurance races and do well all the time eating massive amounts of fruit and nothing else!  See? You don't need meat! We told you so!"

  • Vegans = Wow that is awesome! Morale high ground! Share share share! Like like like!  "Veganism is the ONLY diet we need for amazing health and MORALE HIGH GROUND!"
  • Low carbers =  This guy is wasting away before our eyes, no muscle tissue, and the B12 deficiency is blinding him to it
  • Safe starch paleo =  Fruits are great but this is "sub optimal" and likely to lead to deficiencies over time, danger danger danger!

So many of our gurus have a massive profit incentive to keep this circle jerk alive

And this is why you will find low carb advocates recommending books named "Sweet Potato Power", and the "Perfect Health Diet" which implicitly describes low carb as dangerous.  The simple reason is, in my mind, because the worm will turn and the low carber will put out a well researched book or article and the potato people will in turn endorse, share or review it in a positive way as well despite the fact it contradicts their own point of view.

In some cases, mutual endorsement is not employed.  Mutual mention is enough.  Potato power people continually mention the low carb people who in turn continually mention the potato power people.  Thus both sides preserve more credibility but mutually increase the confirmation bias and market loyalty of the other.

I often speculate that so many "flame wars" are actually engineered traffic and confirmation bias generation strategies between two opposing bloggers with products to sell.

And do not kid yourself, page clicks are a better than money (which is fake) because they represent REAL USE of time, a commodity and valuable

Internet traffic is a commodity and simply becaues a blogger has no obvious product line that does not mean there is an abesence of financial or even ego incentives to cling to the party line, and mix it up with the more obvious profit bloggers.

Skeptics please, the rest can simply "unlike" as I have no use for market zombies

It is hardly a schock to me that my earliest readers and followers on Facebook were in fact former zealots of one way of thinking or another who started to become open to other methodologies being OK for other people.

I have never truly cared how many likes I have on my page, or how much traffic I generate.  My philosophy has always been that the people who can benefit from what I write will find me on their own, take what is useful, and discard the rest.

To me, my traffic count and page likes are pretty cool but NOT THE POINT AT ALL and I have no problems with the numbers dropping because my message is distasteful and truth based.

Diet identity is a real barrier to personal health

I have often, in Facebook, referred to the dangers of "diet identity".  To me cries of "Paleo/Low Carb/Veganism" for life, that are typically rewarded with "Hell ya!" from so many others read like "I have closed my mind to other possibilities, can some of you other zombies give me a high five?"

Once you have decided you have found the final solution, you are almost guaranteed to end personal growth.