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Saturday, October 13, 2012

How our food advice EXPLOITS the Inuit and has us blaming them!

I am going to tell a story in pictures.

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful and mostly peaceful people who had carved out a life in the frozen north.  Community, family and health were enjoyed by young and old.  They hunted, fished, and ate mostly of animals and mostly the fat and lived in nearly perfect health.

Free of heart disease
Free of diabetes
Free of cavities
Free of cancer
Healthy, happy, masters of their domain

Skilled hunters and weapon makers
The above video is worth watching as a recent before picture
Patient and mindful not to over-hunt

They were skilled, strong, and able to travel for months by sled eating only meat and blubber.

The land and sea and all it offered towards abundant health was theirs.

We engaged with them, and then we brought them "Civilized Values" in Nutrition.

We taught them western medicine.  The evils cholesterol!
Showed them medical evidence and pictures!

To fear fat!

To fear real food from nature!

We taught them Western Morality

That seal hunting was unnecessary, even though it kept the seal population in check, preserving fish stocks.

That it was "cruel" and "immoral"

That their native diet was EVIL! Barbaric!

We showed them a better way to eat!  Low fat! High carb! Lots of Fiber! Watch the calories though! (What is a calorie? They must have wondered...)

We taught them about heart healthy whole grains, limiting fat and meat, healthy meat alternatives like soy and peanut butter.  The requirement for milk to protect their bones. The need for copious amounts of fruits and vegetables to prevent cancer.

We built places of commerce so that they could acquire this "healthy food" not available in their native environment that had provided abundant health for thousands of years.

Get LOTS of healthy vegetables

6 to 8 servings a day or you will DIE OF CANCER!

And 3 to 5 fruits a day for good health! Its been proven!

6-12 servings of whole grains daily for fiber and to help you feel full and satisfied

Nice low fat soy protein formula instead of 100% free, natural breast milk or wet nursing?
Why not! Its SOY!! The miracle plant!  No evil cholesterol!

Spend spend spend for good health!

Oh, your glacial water that we bottle and sell all over the world? Its not good enough for YOU!
So drink this healthy tap water from New Jersey!
In fact it's pretty much all food, good and bad...
A healthy diet is "Well balanced and includes a little bit of everything!" or its not "sustainable!"

Through fear of failing health, made them so dependent on our processed and agricultural based food and so fearful of their hunter gatherer food they forgot what it would be like to live without it!

Totally, 100% free nutritious food labeled as evil and unhealthy thanks to saturated fat paranoia.
In some areas there is healthful food around every corner, but the cost of processed and farmed food flown in from thousands of miles is their number one concern.

Selling possessions, traditional resources and working long hours to afford the western diet.

Sorry - No more seal skins for diapers, no more blubber for cooking!
Sorry guys!  That stuff will kill you! Saturated Fat! Cholesterol!
You''ll get diabetes! You'll get cancer! You'll get heart disease!!  Oh my!!!

And how do we repay their faith in us?

What opinion do they hear time and time again about their native homeland that provided them perfect health?

Comments liket this...

That's right you selfish lazy Inuit!
Give up your homes!
Your traditional land and hunting grounds!
MOVE to where food is cheaper and you can find REAL JOBS!
(And get real mortgages, credit cards, expensive education, cars, iPhones...)

"Just move south and stop complaining, abandon your land, what is wrong with you people?" 

And maybe that is exactly what we all want them to do?  Right?

The Arctic:  Oil's Last Frontier!  

"Nothing says hot like an arctic bidding war" for oil...

Money money money for us, poverty for them

We make huge profits on food if they stay; we make huge profits on oil and diamonds if they leave.  We win, you lose.  Game over.

The End.  Thanks alot!

Thanks for all the great advice and the introduction to "Baby Bottle Tooth Decay"
(Yes, that is the mouth of an infant)

Learn More:

The Inuit:  Lessons from the arctic - Whole Health Source

“The Inuit Paradox: how can people who gorge on fat and rarely see a vegetable be healthier than we are?”


  1. AWESOME. You should do more like these it was great. And funny too.

  2. FYI, most (though probably not all) of that protesting against the seal hunt has to do with *whites* hunting seals. You'll notice it's mostly the babies and mostly for the fur. If you're going to hunt a seal, eat the damn seal, I say. Which white people usually don't.

    I am aware that the PETA contingent *also* protest Natives hunting seal and whales and such, and I oppose their opposition (well--I oppose *them*; we're animals and they don't give a fig about the ethical treatment of *us*), but let's not misrepresent this argument entirely, please.

    Also, I'm suspicious that baby-bottle tooth decay isn't really caused by baby bottles, but rather by really bad nutrition. Yet another way we misrepresent problems with mythology and bad terminology--anyway, it fits their overall situation, doesn't it? They get wicked osteoporosis too. Which I notice gets blamed a lot on their native diet even though most of them AREN'T eating that anymore. Sigh.

    1. Yep, the the white man seal hunt is indeed the imagery shown. The reality is the Inuit get tarred with the same brush. Same with whaling. They are told its not necessary, you can eat only plants and be healthy, in fact it will kill you with cholesterol PLUS its evil and cruel.

      This article however is not about the white man, but that is indeed the imagery used by those who claim to protect animals. However it is debatable if even a controlled white man seal hunt impacts as much as PETA claims. With the fish stocks dwindling seals are now seen as a competitor for fish. The white man, not the Inuit are the ones that messed it all up, PETA does not help with their misinformation.

      The inuit are caught in the crossfire.

      Baby bottle tooth decay obviously has a component of nutrition. The confounding variable is that with bottles they are usually filled with low fat crappy soy protein formula, not real breast milk. So its hard to limit variables and truly know, but it did not exist when fed from a human nipple with real milk.

      Yep, osteoporisis in post menopausal women is very high in the Inuit. In many ways the Inuit are like the canaries in the coal mine when it comes to our nutrition. And calcium supplements, likely 25 bucks a bottle, are not helping. Everyone looks at loss of bone density as a calcium issue, but bone is minerals held together in a matrix of collagen. Nobody ever asks where all that colagen is going to come from without lots of fat and meat in the diet... Since adding minerals alone does not usually work, perhaps this question should be posed.

      Thanks, great comment. It is a charged issue.

  3. This is good post! Great work! Speaking the truth as it needs to be told.

    1. Thanks, I always ask people to please share this one as most are unaware of this story.


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