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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Apple a Day - Dispelling Dogma - A letter to the open minded

Spurred by an email from Liz at MostlyMeatIsWhatIEat.

The Dogma of Apples - An open letter to paleo on why we can't win the cholesterol fight

If I show someone two apples and I say "This is an apple" but only one is healthy, the other will make you sick.  The healthy one is organic but 4 times the price, the other one is mono-cultured. It will make you sick and raise your bad LDL while the other will not.  Even "if" the organic apple does raise your LDL it will be the nice fluffyy kind, not the bad small kind.  That small stuff will kill ya!

You will only lose weight and get healthy if you give up bread and ONLY eat the organic apples.  Giving up bread and eating the non-organic apple will continue to make you sick and give you the bad cholesterol and plaque while the organic one may also give you cholesterol but it will be harmless and you will gain health.

Only the organic one is healthy? (They would think) but you can't really tell them apart...

In every population study done, those who ate organic apples were much healthier.  Those who gave up bread to eat non-organic apple got heart attacks.  Non-organic apples can be as bad as smoking because studies show people who do not buy organic are more likely to have heart attacks.

Organic is the only choice when you buy an apple, those other apples will kill you.

That someone would say to me "Are apples healthy or not?  Can I just not start by dropping grain and eating normal apples first?"

They would know the difference between the two apples is really pretty slight.  That choosing an organic apple instead of a regular apple is optimization.  They would know this on an instinctual level.

This is why we always encourage people to switch to real fruits and vegetables and organic if we can afford to do so. We know that saying only the organic apple is "good enough" will simply lose our argument before it begins.

And now repeat all the above, and replace the word "apple" with the word "beef" and the word "organic" with the word "grass fed" and you will see why it is so hard to convince people red meat is A-OK.

Which one, or both, or none are grass fed? (Why can't I just eat the cheap one if beef is healthy?

Is beef healthy or not?!?!?!

The most important step you can make is to start eating ruminants again, and dropping grains.  Get the best you can afford and do not worry about living up to someone else's standard of what is paleo or primal.

Eventually when your appetite dies down and you gain control and feel healthier, you will optimize on your own as you will be motivated and seek ways to do so.

That is how we get people eating real food again.  We get them STARTED and teach them the PATH rather than dictate what seems, at first, to be unrealistic, unaffordable standards.

Most countries do not even have CAFO's anyway.  Most country's beef is actually pretty damn close to grass fed.  Texas does not represent the world beef industry.

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