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As paleo and primal become more complex, authoritarian, licensed, profit driven, subverted and infected with fear based marketing efforts, Primal North seeks to simplify, unify, and advocate a proper level of scientific skepticism to the world of paleo, primal and low carb nutrition. Meat is food, plants are medicine, food is fuel, and movement is pleasure. Lets stop making a mess of it!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Primal North and Big Primal - An "Odd Bits" Cooking Show?

Alright, Primal North and Big Primal hooked up put together a feast like few have had in their lives!

  • Sweetbreads (thymus glands)
  • Grass fed beef heart (ya, the whole heart)
  • Broiled split long bones
  • Pomegranate liver
  • Ox tail

It was a great pleasure to film this with Jonathan and Barbara from Sex, Food and Kettlebells.  And although our approaches to primal may differ, we all get along so well because we focus on our common ground, REAL FOOD!

Split long bone, sweet breads, liver, heart, oxtail and some Primal North home made mayo with chipotle.

On a personal note, the above filming and dinner made one very memorable third anniversary dinner for Kyla and myself.  What a great weekend away.

Thanks for 3 wonderful years to my beautiful lady.

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