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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Yes, you can be Spiritual AND Paleo

Alternate Title - In Defence of Jimmy Moore

Thats right you can have faith in something intangible, from God to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and still have a valid opinion in other areas.

I have seen Jimmy Moore attacked many times for following a paleo low carb eating plan even though he is a creationist.

Do you know who else did not believe in evolution, yet practiced a paleo diet? How bout the guys in the picture?

It is an inconvenient truth perhaps that spiritual belief may well be as paleo as coconut oil, in fact I would say far more so.  As unlike coconut oil, spirituality was universally available and universally practiced.

I have seen many spiritual people being told they cannot buy into the paleo diet because of their beliefs and are therefor unqualified to share their opinions on it.  This is ridiculous.  This is fallacy based off the idea that a person can only think along one simple line.  We see things in the movies all the time that we learn from knowing they are not real, so too with books.

Dismissing a persons opinion on something like nutrition because they have a differing belief system than your own displays your own limitations not theirs.  It is, in short, a cop out.  You do not agree with their conclusions so you instead attack the person, diminishing their contribution based on irrelevant things.

It is actually a mark of intelligence to be able to entertain another point of view, explore and entertain it, learn from it, even though you do not fully or even at all believe it.  But lets ask someone smarter than I.

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. - Aristotle


  1. Well said. I don't read enough Paleo Blogs to be fully aware of the silliness but here is my take.

    For many years I have been aware of the 'Stone Age Diet.' It has value.

    I chose to look at the foods provided by our Creator God over the ages. If God gave us all this wealth of food and also gave man intelligence to choose good food then I would eat anything that seemed safe including animals, milk and plants. While I have never studied Jewish dietary laws I believe there may be some good ideas there too.

    I don't think God intended mankind to interfere with untested alterations such as has happened to wheat. I don't think God intended us to develop hybrid seeds that cannot produce in kind even if they do provide bigger crops to feed the masses. We are meant to care for our neighbour and there are many ways in which Big Business uses this as an excuse to further their own ends without caring about the long term consequences. The Paleo Community is to be thanked for showing us how to eat real food again.

    At the same time I have no patience for Christians and others who become perfectionist in their rejection of all things man-made.

    Life is all about balance and wisdom. That means learning from all kinds of people and their research and experience. We retain the right to choose those things we believe are worthwhile and discard those we think are not good.

    We have minds of our own and it doesn't say a lot for the confidence of anyone who rubbishes another.

    How can there be a conflict between those who eat thankfully from what God has provided and those who chose to look at ancestral diets. The conflict is not about food but about spiritual values. Some of us are Creationists, others are Evolutionists. I know what I believe but I will always respect those who believe in evolution.

    Basically ..... don't mess with what God has provided without taking great care. It seems to me that Paleo people have taken God's provision and embraced it so why be concerned if Christians are on board with them. Doesn't make sense to me.

    Sorry this is a long for a comment. Feel free to delete it.


    1. I only delete spam and obvious trolls.

      There are many that will find your belief system insane, and so be it if they do, but that does not prevent you from trying ways of eating, and sharing your results and opinions about how they work.

      Some would argue your reasons for eating as you do mean you are unable to scientifically experiment and share results. To me, an absurdity.


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